Recently showcased by RTI

Our recent work in Los Angeles, California has been worthy of recognition by RTI corporation themselves. We’ve recently been showcased on their website for our incorporation of the latest technology, and exceptional design.

In the project, the details of which you can read by clicking the button above, Dream Technologies effectively and cleverly met all the needs of the customers. We took a wide ranging system that include a home theater, 2 other surround zones, 11 total video zones, 20 audio zones, a variety of audio-visual sources, security systems, surveillance cameras, gates, etc. and integrated them seamlessly onto a single user interface. We duplicated that user interface so it was identical between the numerous iPads throughout the house and the hand-held remotes.

We are honored to be acknowledged for the work we have done and are happy to be noticed for the excellent service we strive to provide our clients.

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