Santa Monica Beach House

Located across the street from the Pacific Ocean, this Santa Monica beach house was designed for the purpose of providing its owners with a modern, chic environment to live in. The design of the building is stunningly modern, incorporating  angular designs. To match such a modern and cutting edge design, the owners contracted Dream Technologies, Inc. to install and integrate the technology in the home.

Dream Technologies was involved in the early stages of the building process. This assured that all the necessary wires and infrastructure for the system would be installed in the house. Whenever we are involved this early, we think ahead to allow for future expansion of the system at a minimal cost. This eliminated the need to break walls and infrastructure if the system becomes bigger or new elements are added.

Dream Technologies successfully integrated 8 video zones, one home theater, 7 video sources, one additional surround sound zone, 16 audio zones, 16 audio keypads,  4 audio sources, a fireplace, the home security system, surveillance cameras, the gates, whole house lighting, automated shades, automated window treatments, the thermostat, and we even boosted their cellphone signal.

There was an extensive range of components located throughout the home that needed to be brought together into one seamless system — from numerous video sources and displays to multi-room audio, a security system, pool and gate controls, and much more.

To successfully integrate such a wide system, Dream Technologies, Inc. chose to use a single central processor that, via IR, RF, RS-232, and IP protocols, seamlessly integrated the whole home on one system. That system could be controlled by either  an iPad or a hand held T3-V+ remote. Both have easy to use, uniform interfaces. These interfaces can control any component in the house from any room without interfering with each other.