“Silvertop is an engineering and aesthetic marvel, as fascinating today as it was when it was built. Architect John Lautner is legendary for inventive, boundary-pushing designs including the Malin Residence (Chemosphere) in the Hollywood Hills. His design for the Reiner-Burchill Residence, better known as Silvertop, is nearly as iconic as the Chemosphere, with a similar embrace of the curve and the vista.”

– LA Conservrancy Award

Under a renovation by new ownership, Dream Technologies was charged with the monumental task of updating and integrating the various technologies in the house while still maintaining the integrity of such a historically important home.

This required Dream Technologies to integrate the multiple vendors in unique and innovative ways.

The result was a whole home lighting control system with keypads that also control motorized shades, motorized doors, motorized windows motorized sky-shades, and motorized louvers. A whole home audio distribution system was added with speakers equalized and then installed inside the ceiling to preserve the aesthetic integrity of the home without compromising audio quality. A surround sound media room with discreetly hidden speakers, a pool control system, a security system, and a forensic IP camera system were also added. All these were integrated into an iPad control interface by Dream Technologies.

System Integrator: Dream Technologies

Our scope of work: HomeWorks Lighting Control, Integration with Motorized Shades, Distributed Audio, Distributed Video Automation, Networking & WiFi, IP Security Cameras, Climate Control, Pool & Spa Control, Racks, & Integrating Motorized Louvers, Motorized Doors, Motorized Windows, Motorized Sky-shades.